Secret Meeting

Didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room.

Secret Meeting

Didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room.

Summer’s gone a summer song, You’ve wasted every day

While the first “official” day of summer is still almost a month away, most people would agree that Memorial Day is often considered the start of summer.

After what was by nearly all accounts, the worst winter in Minnesota in 35 years, we’ve earned this summer more than any in the 15 years i’ve lived here. And while I’m sure everyone will do their best to make the most of it until winter sets in again in a little over 5 months, I figured it can’t hurt to have a little encouragement.

A few summer suggestions:

There are many more, but I figured that’s a good start anyway. I know how easily and quickly life can get in the way and as soon as you know it, the ground will be covered in snow, but do make an effort to enjoy our warm months as much as possible, your brain will thank you come January next year.

Rock The Garden 2014 wishlist/predictions…



The National
Afghan Whigs
The War on Drugs
Actual Wolf


Jack White
The Roots
Janelle Monae

*i realize their budget wouldn’t allow this lineup whatsoever, but isn’t that what for wishes are for, dreaming? ;)


Spoon (who have apparently been on their wish list for years now and have a new album finished that will be out later this summer/early fall. mostly playing random festivals this summer)

Jeremy Messersmith (darling of The Current, brand new album, his touring schedule lines up nicely, last show of his first leg is 6/17 in St. Louis, MO. he’s the one act i would put $$ on)

Dessa (also a darling of The Current and has surprisingly never played Rock The Garden solo before, only with her Doomtree cohorts)

Hamilton Leithauser (front man from The Walkmen, new solo album out soon. he initially had a tour date scheduled for May 12th at the Fine Line, but cancelled that and seems to have jumped on Ray Lamontagne’s summer tour.. see below)

Guided By Voices (US tour that needs in Madison, WI on June 20th… they could easily play either day of RTG. The Current doesn’t play them very often, but they’re clearly a big draw among music nerds and many on staff at The Current)

Foster The People (new album out, huge US tour in April/May with no MN date, open schedule between June 8th and July 2nd. I don’t *hope* this happens mind you, as i think this band is totally average at best, but it still seems likely)


Matt & Kim (only playing a few random scattered festivals this summer, so i really hope this is just that, a really really awful rumor…)

Possibilities based on tour schedule:

S. Carey (Sean has played the festival with Bon Iver in 2008 and has a great new album out. Playing The Cedar in 2 weeks, but is also playing Fargo 2 days after RTG)

Avett Brothers (they play in Tusla, OK on Saturday the 21st with their next date after that on July 5th in Sioux City, IA, so it would be a bit of a haul to play the Sunday of RTG, but it’s worth mentioning since it’s within the range of their routing. they would also be another former Basilica alumni to play RTG along with The Hold Steady and possibly Spoon)

Ray Lamontagne (*UPDATEsince i started drafting this list, it was announced that Ray is playing the Telluride Bluegrass Festival on the 22nd, meaning if he plays RTG, it will be on Saturday. His tour suspiciously skips MN but has 4 days open between Lincoln, NE on the 20th and Kansas City on the 24th, seems more than enough time to play RTG on either day)

Phoenix (last scheduled North American date is currently Bonnaroo, the week before RTG, their next date after that is a festival in France on 6/27. Didn’t play a single Minnesota show for their recent album, despite playing here three times off the previous album. possibly cost too much now however)

Neutral Milk Hotel (they’re playing a few US festivals this summer, including Bonnaroo the weekend before RTG and Pitchfork in July, probably a long shot but it would be a big coup)

Vampire Weekend (granted they were one of my guesses last year and that didn’t happen, but alas… Just announced a tour with dates in Milwaukee and Chicago the first week of June… playing Bonnaroo the weekend before, with an open schedule for a while after. like Phoenix, possibly too spendy)

Jason Isbell (plays Telluride on Friday the 20th, but just played here in February and has been here many times over the last year, so seems less likely based on that)

Phosphorescent (they play Firefly Festival in Delaware on Thursday the 19th, but could easily make it for either day of RTG)

Total guesses:

Superchunk (great new album last year got pretty good airplay locally and they didn’t come here for that record, are playing some random US festivals/one offs this summer)

Kurt Vile (great new album last year and somehow never made it to Minnesota. playing some one offs this summer)

PHOX (really great up and coming act from Wisconsin who just signed to Partisan Records recently. their touring schedule lines up, but they’re sort of an unknown to The Current’s listeners so far)



You were simpler,
you were lighter when we thought like little kids.
Like a weightless, hate-less animal,
beautifully oblivious before you were hid inside a stranger you grew into,
as you learned to disconnect.

Now he hangs your mirrors separately,
so one can’t show you what the other reflects.

When he heard I was on his tail, he emptied your account and hid a part of you that’s so invaluable
(the part of you unsellable at any amount).
He left the tallest peak of your paradise
buried in the bottom of a canyon in hell,

but I swear I’ll find your light in the middle,
where there’s so little late at night, down in the pit of the well.

Then when heaven has a line around the corner,
we shouldn’t have to wait around and hope to get in
if we can carpenter a home in our heart right now
and carve a palace from within.

We won’t need to take a ton of pictures,
It won’t be easy to believe
the day we wake inside a secret place that everyone can see. 

Absolutely STUNNING new song from The Antlers off their new album ‘Familiars’ due out June 17th.



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The Bird And The Bee (Feat. Matt Berninger) – “All Our Endless Love”


Thunder Clatter

I met you in the dead of winter
I stood stranded in the water
Dug deeper than a crooked splinter
I turned away from all the others

I couldn’t say what I was thinking
My heart shrinking
Two sad sparks blinking in the sun
Wait one minute
I had to listen for it
It was hidden in the fall
Hidden in the fall
Waiting on love to call
Hidden in the fall

Sad hopes I’d hidden under
Tangled inside of me
You spoke like broken thunder
Deep into the center of me.

I hear it call in the center of it all
You’re the love of my life, the love of my life
I hear it all in the center of my heart
You’re the love of my life, the love of my life

so true.
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so true.
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so true.

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